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Assistance provided by the Agency of Consular Affairs, by the US Department associated with State. Information portal driven by the US Federal government. Offers "Smart Travel", LGBT Travel information and information about visas and given needed for various locations.

The United States Department of State is the lead agency responsible for U.S. diplomatic and consular relations with foreign countries.

What is a state department?

A state department is an organization that manages a country's diplomacy and consular relations with other nations or states

Travel.State.Gov is a website that provides travel information for the US government

The website is designed to make it easy for travelers, who are looking for information about how to get around the US, what to see and where to go. The site has a lot of useful information on it, including maps, travel tips and the latest news from different states in the US.

The site is updated regularly with new content and makes it easy for travelers to plan their trip without having to leave their homes.

A travel.state.gov is a website that provides information about the United States Department of State, including travel and safety information, visa requirements, and more.

The site was created in 1996 and has since become a popular destination for travelers looking for resources. The website also features interactive media, including videos and podcasts about international travel.

Travel.State.Gov is a website for travelers, and it provides information about visa, passport, and health-related issues.

The website is divided into three sections:

* The Travel section provides the most important information about travel-related topics such as visas and passports, transportation, health-related issues, and more.

The United States Department of State is the lead agency for promoting the interests of the United States abroad. As part of its efforts to promote America’s interests abroad, the State Department publishes a variety of materials, including travel advisories and safety information, information about U.S. diplomatic missions abroad, and official statements from Secretary Tillerson and other senior officials on topical issues.

The Travel.State.Gov website provides travel advice for Americans traveling to or residing in more than 190 countries around the world, as well as information on U.S. Embassy locations and services available in foreign countries with which the United States has diplomatic relations or other significant ties such as economic trade agreements or military alliances."

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