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University Technology was formed in 2004 by Scotland’s universities. This unique collaboration showcases new technology opportunities which are available from Scotland’s prestigious academic research base. Our easy to use website provides a single location to enable companies and investors from business and industry to find these new technologies and exciting technology transfer opportunities that Scotland has to offer.

University-technology.com is a website that provides information on the latest news and events happening in the field of technology. It is one of the most popular websites in this field and it has been ranked among the top 10 websites in the world.

The website was founded by a group of students who wanted to create a platform for sharing information about their university, its courses, and its research projects. This website became popular during its first year of operation because it was one of the few sources for information about their university at that time.

University-Technology.com is a website that provides information about higher education in the US. It is designed to help college students find the right institution for them, and to help parents and prospective students find out more about the different schools they are considering.

University-Technology.com was created by a team of experienced professionals who have a combined experience of over 100 years in higher education consulting, research, and leadership positions.

University-technology.com is a website that provides information on universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions.

University-technology.com is a website that provides information on universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions. The site offers resources for students and parents as well as an extensive database of articles about higher education institutions in the United States and around the world.

The site also features an events calendar with upcoming conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars, and other events related to higher education.

University-technology.com is a website that is dedicated to providing information on how technology is being used in universities and how it can be used to improve the quality of life for students.

The website provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments in university technology, including news, reviews, interviews, case studies, research papers and more.

The website is a blog where students can write about the technology they are currently using in their academic studies. It's a place where they can ask questions, share their experiences, and find information on how to get started with technology.

At university-technology.com, we believe that technology should be accessible to everyone - not just those who have the money to buy it or those who have access to it in their classrooms. That's why we're doing our part by sharing knowledge and experience of using technology at university.University-technology.com is an online resource that connects universities and research institutions with companies and organizations looking for technology solutions. The website provides a platform for researchers and academics to share their expertise and innovations, and for companies to access the latest research and technologies. The goal of University-technology.com is to foster collaboration and innovation between the academic and business worlds.


One of the key features of University-technology.com is its extensive database of research and technologies available for licensing. The website lists a wide range of technologies, including software, patents, and other intellectual property, that have been developed by universities and research institutions. Companies can search the database to find technologies that match their specific needs and interests, and contact the researchers and institutions directly to discuss licensing opportunities.


Another important feature of University-technology.com is its networking platform. The website provides a platform for researchers and academics to connect with industry professionals and entrepreneurs, to share their expertise and ideas, and to explore collaboration opportunities. This helps to facilitate the transfer of technology from academia to industry, and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.


University-technology.com also provides a variety of resources and services for researchers and academics, including information on funding opportunities, tips on technology transfer and commercialization, and guidance on patenting and licensing. This helps researchers to navigate the process of transferring their technologies to industry, and to maximize the impact of their research.


In addition to its online platform, University-technology.com also organizes events and workshops to bring together researchers, academics, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs. These events provide an opportunity for attendees to network, share ideas, and learn about the latest technologies and trends in their field.


Overall, University-technology.com is a valuable resource for researchers and academics, companies and organizations looking to access the latest research and technologies, and entrepreneurs looking to start a business based on university research. The platform is designed to foster collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship between the academic and business worlds, and to help researchers and institutions to maximize the impact of their work and ideas.