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Tough competition of high scores

In the past 6 years, there has been an enormous increase in the number of Indian applicants for foreign universities. Number of students securing above 90%-95% has also tremendously increased. There are perhaps only hundred seats and the number of applications run in thousands.

A good profile can help you seek admission in your dream college. The best careers for the future can be attained by a good profile made at the right time.

When is the right time to start working on your profile?

Students who make create their profile at an early stage are able to develop a much better understanding as learners. While creating their profile, students develop an independence and are in a better position to optimize their overall experiences by the help of proper presentation.

CV and Profile building can start once the student is in grade 9. Grade 10 is also considered to be good. If you decide in grade 11, you still have time. But if you are in grade 12, and still thinking, fasten your seat belt before you miss it. But as its said, “Better late than never”.

Change of minds

It is very usual for students and parents to change their minds regarding their choice of education and career with time processes. Data shows that changes in career plans from grade 9 to 12 are as follows:

Grade 9 -  63%        by the time they apply

Grade 10 – 41%

Grade 11 – 28%

Grade 12 – 21%

Our minds are very fluctuating and specially for a sensitive topic like career, we usually change our minds very fast. So we need to keep time in hand for changes too.

Benefits of profile building at an early stage

There are many benefits of starting at an early stage. Some of them are:

·        Improvement of Communication skills

·        Boost your confidence

·        Shows your credibility

·        Personality development

·        Knowledge increase

·        Positive attitude

·        Balances mind and body

Studying abroad is many a times kept as a backup plan for students and parents. Nowadays, colleges and universities look for the overall calibre of the students rather than only academics.

Starting early also gives us the time to plan the requirements of the desired college. Every college has different parameters for admission. If we start early, we get time to analyse and understand the criteria for admission.

Planning meticulously will help you to secure your seat in the desired college. Start working on it and maximise your time by starting early.

So, if you have not yet started profilebuilding, acadru.com will help you. Acadru is a multidisciplinary learning platform for senior school and college students.Here one can find inspiring ideas for 21st century job-skills.

Start now!The future of education is here.