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A-Z Guide to Driving Traffic with Directory Submission

Directory Submission is an SEO technique often employed to drive visitors and backlinks to websites. The technique involves submitting them to industry or niche-specific directories which list websites categorized by topic area with links back to it, thus increasing exposure for your website and driving more visitors towards it. In this article we'll go over everything you need to know about using directory submission as a traffic driver for your own site.
What Is Directory Submission?
Directory submission involves submitting your website URL to relevant online directories that relate to specific niches or industries. Though directory submission may take time and effort, it can help drive visitors and boost your search engine rankings for greater exposure of your website.
Directory listings are organized databases of websites organized according to industry, niche or location. Submitting your website will list it under relevant categories; directory submission can be easily completed online using a form filled out with your site details and submitted.
II: Types of Directories
Directories can be divided into two main categories. You should familiarize yourself with both forms for website submission, which require two steps when it comes to submitting website information:
General Directories: These broad-based directories feature websites from numerous industries or niches, typically used for local searches.
Niche Directories: Niche directories offer an ideal way of driving targeted traffic to websites relating to specific industries or niches.
III. Benefits of Directory Submission
Directory submission has many benefits for your business, such as increasing search engine rank by providing quality backlinks leading back to it - increasing its search engine rankings in turn.
Directory Submission Can Increase Traffic: Submitting your website for directory submission can increase website traffic by making it more easily accessible to potential customers. Listing Your Website In Relevant Directories Will Improve Brand Exposure: Listing your website with relevant directories can increase brand exposure.
Directory submission can be an efficient and cost-effective method of increasing website traffic and backlinks, so let us show you how! Here's our four step plan on how to submit your website(s).
Submitting websites to directories varies depending on which directory it's being submitted to, but here are the general steps you should follow: mes Identify Relevant Directories: Determine directories that pertain directly to your industry or niche and submit your site there.
Review Directory Guidelines: Read over the directory guidelines carefully and verify that your website meets submission requirements. Submit Your Website: Fill out and submit a submission form detailing your site, such as its URL, title, description and keywords.
Verifying Your Submission: Some directories require users to confirm their submission by clicking a verification link sent directly to their emails.
Best Practices for Directory Submission Here are a few best practices when it comes to submitting websites to directories:
Select Appropriate Directories: It is imperative that your website be listed in directories appropriate to its industry or niche in order to reach its intended target audience and become visible online. Select directories that fit this description so as to increase its chances of being noticed by potential visitors.
Write an Engaging Description of Your Site: When writing the description for your website, emphasize its key features and benefits while including appropriate keywords to boost search engine rankings.
Maintain Your Listings Accurately: Stay current with your directory listings by regularly verifying them for accuracy and updating them when necessary.
VI. Mistakes to Avoid in Directory Submission
Here are a few mistakes to avoid when submitting websites to directories:
Submitting Your Website to Irrelevant Directories: It is important that only relevant directories are submitted as listings of your niche or industry are submitted. Submitting irrelevant directories could compromise SEO efforts and result in lower traffic results.
Over-Optimizing Anchor Text: Repetitively using the same anchor text across all directory submissions may hurt your SEO efforts, so to prevent over-optimization use varying variations of targeted keywords to avoid overstuffing the target anchor text with keywords.
Misinterpret directory Guidelines: Each directory has its own set of regulations which must be strictly observed in order to avoid being rejected or penalised by them. Failure to do so could result in rejection, as well as potentially costly fines being assessed against your website.
Submitting Your Website to Low-Quality Directories: Avoid submitting your website to directories that have a history of engaging in spammy practices as this could damage its reputation and hamper SEO initiatives.
Submitting Your Website to Too Many Directories at Once: Submitting too many directories at once may raise red flags with search engines; therefore, spread out your submissions and focus on high-quality, relevant directories when making submissions.
Avoiding these common errors when submitting directories can ensure more visitors to visit your website.
Directory submission can be an effective strategy for increasing visitors and SEO rankings, while increasing online visibility. By adhering to this guide and avoiding common pitfalls, directory submission can provide maximum benefits while simultaneously expanding your online presence. Submit to high-quality directories relevant to your industry while tracking results to inform future submission decisions.