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Today, finding businesses is as easy as conducting a Google search; however, with so much information out there it can be challenging to navigate all the results. That's where online directories come in - providing one central place with all the info needed to locate businesses easily. In this guide we will cover popular directories as well as how to search in the USA as well as which are the top free local listing websites.
In summary: What directory stands out? -

Yelp, with over 171 million reviews to its name, is one of the most well-known directories in the USA. Consumers turn to Yelp when seeking reviews and ratings of local businesses - both online and via its app - making it easily accessible on-the-go. Other popular directories include Google My Business, Yellow Pages and Angie's List. Where can I find online directories?

Online directories are easily accessible and can be quickly located by performing a simple search. Major search engines such as Google and Bing each offer their own directory platforms - Google My Business and Bing Places respectively. In addition, specialty directories like Angie's List for service-based businesses and Yellow Pages for local listings exist as well as social media platforms like Facebook which also contain business directories built directly into their pages.
How do I locate businesses in the USA?

As previously discussed, there are multiple methods of finding businesses in the USA. One is through online directories like those mentioned above which allow you to search by category, location and name. Another way is through search engines such as Google or Bing - simply enter in either their name or type of business along with location details for results to appear. You could also utilize social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn in this endeavor.
Which are free local listing sites in the US?
There are various free local listing websites in the US. One of the most widely used is Google My Business, enabling businesses to create free listings that appear both in search results and maps. Bing Places provides another free option; other notable listings are Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages and Yelp as well. With so many listings to choose from it's no wonder so many businesses opt for free services as a marketing strategy! 

Many USA business directories provide free listings. These directories enable businesses to create profiles and add details about themselves such as name, address, phone number, website information etc. These directories help businesses connect with potential customers while improving SEO by providing backlinks back to their website - this directory being the USA Listing Directory:

A USA listing directory is a database that compiles listings of businesses operating within the US. These directories can either be general in nature or specialize in specific niches or industries, with some notable examples such as Yelp, Google My Business and Yellow Pages serving this function well by providing users with information such as name, address, phone number, website information and customer reviews for businesses listed within them. They provide users with vital details like their names, phone numbers, website addresses and reviews as well as providing users with direct links directly to these listings. These directories give users access to important business listings as they appear in them and also email updates them regularly about new listings within them that contain details that help their users locate information regarding businesses listed therein - such as Yelp!, Google My Business and Yellow Pages as popular examples that list businesses within these categories that list businesses by industry sectors as well. They provide users with details such as business including name/phone/website details such as names/phone numbers/website information as well as reviews/info about businesses listed therein such /email/service providers information regarding an organization including name/website number/ reviews etc... etc... etc... for review by users for instance! USA Business Directory+Email:
USA business directories+email are online directories that list businesses located within the USA as well as providing contact details (such as emails), making these directories useful for connecting with potential customers or partners. Popular examples of such directories+email include Hoovers, ZoomInfo, and Manta.

Online Business Directories Website:

An online business directory website is a type of directory which lists businesses within a particular geographical or industry region, providing users with information such as their names, addresses, phone numbers and websites for each business listed therein. Examples of popular business directories are Yelp, Google My Business and Yellow Pages - however some free alternatives also exist such as Free Business Directory:
Free business directories allow businesses to create profiles and list their information without incurring costs for advertising or paid listings. Such directories can be particularly helpful for small and startup businesses who do not have enough budget for paid ads, like Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo Local and Yellow Pages.
Business Directory List:

Business directory lists are a useful way for companies to list their information. These directories can be both free and paid and serve as an excellent starting point when looking to increase online presence. Examples of popular business directories lists include Moz Local Directory, HubSpot Directory and Top 50 Citation Sources by Country list as well as Yellow Pages Business Directory USA listing.
Yellow Pages is an iconic business directory in the USA, providing businesses a platform to list their information such as name, address, phone number and website for user review and rating purposes. Yellow Pages can be easily accessed online or via its app making it convenient for use anytime anywhere. Online Directory:
An online directory, sometimes known as an electronic telephone directory (EDT), provides users with information on businesses in a convenient format - like their name, address, phone number and website - online directory services like Yelp, Google My Business or Yellow Pages can easily provide such details about them.

Online directories are an invaluable resource for both businesses and consumers. They serve as a central hub for all the information necessary to locate any given business, including contact details, reviews and ratings. Yelp or Angie's List offer general listings that offer plenty of specialized listings available - or businesses can utilize free local listing sites and business directories to improve their presence online while increasing customer acquisition.