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At its core, a business directory is simply an online listing of businesses by category and/or location. While this might sound straightforward, its benefits for small and local businesses cannot be overstated. In this comprehensive guide we will explore these benefits as well as show how to create one using WordPress as well as provide examples of free listing websites.

The key takeaway here: What Is a Business Directory?

Business directories are websites that organize businesses by category, location or industry in order to make finding what users are searching for easier. Their purpose is to help users quickly locate relevant businesses within their vicinity.
If you're searching for local coffee shops, a business directory can help you quickly and easily locate one near your location. Simply enter your location into the directory search tool and look up "coffee shops."

Business directories can be an invaluable asset for local and small businesses alike, offering increased exposure online while drawing in more customers.
 The Benefits of Directories for Local and Small Businesses

There are numerous advantages to listing your business in a directory, including:
 mes mes mes mes mes mes Increased Visibility: Listing your business increases its online visibility, particularly when dealing with smaller local companies who might lack an established online presence. This benefit should not be understated as small businesses or local companies who lack strong online presence.
Increased SEO: Business directories can assist with improving search engine optimization (SEO), by offering valuable backlinks back to your website and increasing backlinks overall.
Attract more customers: By making it easier for potential customers to find you online, business directories make finding your business more accessible - thus potentially drawing in more new clients and increasing sales.
Build Credibility: Listing in a business directory can help establish credibility for your company and demonstrate that it's legitimate and established. There are also free business listing sites where you can register.

There are various free business listing sites online. Here are a few examples:
 Google My Business: This popular free listing service allows businesses to create profiles which appear both in Google search results and Maps.
Yelp: Yelp is an increasingly popular review platform that also offers free business listings. Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages is an industry standard directory offering free listings.

Microsoft Bing Places Listing Example for Businesses. Bing Places offers free business listing services through Microsoft to assist businesses.

Assume you own a bakery in your town and want to register it with the directory. Below is an example of what your listing might look like: |
Name | Location |
Hours Of Operation |
Phone |
Website: marysbakery.com For our bakery to continue operating we need your support - click here and help create our directory website in WordPress
WordPress is an efficient platform for building websites, including business directories. Here are the steps for creating one using this CMS:
Choose a Directory Plugin: There are various directory plugins for WordPress available, including Business Directory Plugin, GeoDirectory and Web 2.0 Directory. Once you've decided on one that meets your needs best, install it onto your website immediately after making your selection.
Configure the Plugin: Follow its instructions to configure it for your directory.
Add Listings: Once configured, begin adding listings to your directory.
Customise Your Directory: With this plugin's settings you can customize both its appearance and functionality of your directory website. Business Listing Websites
Paid business listing websites also provide additional features and benefits, such as priority placement in search results and analytics.